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Dietary Supplements

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About Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are designed to aid our diets with vitamins or minerals that we would not receive from ordinary food intake. Supplements can contain herbs, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and many other ingredients. Some of the more used supplements include calcium, iron, D, B12, and herbs such as garlic, as well as glucosamine and probiotics.

Supplements come with labels that list ingredients, amount per serving, and other ingredients such as flavors, fillers, and binders. Most supplements can provide sufficient essential nutrients that you may not receive from food intake. However, supplements are not designed to take place of a healthy diet; they only provide additional nutrients. You can visit the Dietary Guidelines for Americans for more information about healthy diets.

Every supplement has its unique purpose and you should consult with a healthcare provider who can determine which are safe and which are not according to your history and needs. Many supplements may contain ingredients that can have strong effects, or side effects if you take them at high doses or not as prescribed. Also, some supplements require taking with food, especially breakfast which may result in getting more ingredients than you need.

Bottom line: However supportive supplements may be, a healthy diet complete with fruits and vegetables should be ideal. A completely healthy diet could provide all the nutrients needed but supplements can provide the necessary ingredients to combat chronic diseases and lead a healthy life.