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Dogs Make Great Companions

There are many reasons dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend and it has a lot to do with being a great companion. In addition to being a great companion, owning a dog in your life has numerous physical and mental health benefits.

The main physical benefit is that dog owners get more exercise. People who own dogs get more physically active in their day simply by making accommodations to meet their dog’s lifestyle. Also, many dog owners have less risk for heart disease due to a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Dogs offer unconditional love, and emotional support, and can be there for you that help staves off social isolation. Studies have shown that dog ownership reduces loneliness.

Studies have also shown that your canine companion help alleviates stress and anxiety. Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine study showed that military veterans with PTSD do better physiologically and psychologically when they with a service dog. The veterans with a service dog improved their coping skills with fewer symptoms of PTSD.

Last but not least – dogs make you happier, keep you safe, and make you attractive.

Bottom line: Owning a canine companion can have numerous physical and mental health benefits to your life, but this also requires a huge responsibility.