Lifestyle - Skills all Men Should Have

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Manly Skills

Today’s expectation of what skills all men should have is significantly different than previous generations. Not only expectations but masculinity look is a lot different from years gone by, but what has not changed much is certain expectations of men. Culture and where you’re from can play a large role in what is expected of you but the skills you acquire can determine if you can take care of things.

The expectations of being a man are partly surrounded by how competent and effective you are in today’s society. Depending on the situation a man is in, he should have skills or at least have the self-confidence to respond to the task at hand. We sorted through some network man skills and came up with some common should have.

This list can be very long but we found some basic skills every man should hone:

And some bonus skills: Fishing, play an instrument, drive a stick shift, and cooking eggs.

There you have it, a very short start list but don’t stop here. Master some of these and create your own while on your journey to becoming a better man.