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Benefits of Running

Running contains endless benefits: cardiovascular fitness, lower cholesterol, stress reliever, builds stronger bones, strengthens muscles, and it takes little or no cost. Perhaps the most convincing fact found is a 2018 meta-analysis of research that runners have about 25-30 percent lower rate of mortality than non-runners.

Perhaps the number one reason most everyone resorts to running as an exercise is to improve cardio health. Running for approximately 10-15 minutes a day can significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as lower the chances of dying from heart disease.

As with any exercise activity running comes with risk if done incorrectly. Perhaps the most common is joint problems. Injuries and joint issues are usually a result of improper form or pushing too hard too soon.

Having a strong running program with goals can provide a lifetime of benefits. Here are some pros and cons of running:

Bottom line: Not a lot to compare – if you enjoy running, you’ll continue to run. If it’s something you want to start it’s a good idea to start slow and progress.