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Losing the Motivation

Have you started a fitness program and then quit? You’re not alone since many do start a fitness program but may quit due to lack of mojo, boredom, or not seeing any results. The challenge then becomes finding a compelling reason to repeatedly do something you don’t always want to do. One solution may be to find out why you lost your motivation.

For most guys, it’s mental fatigue. Being mentally drained can be a result of everything from day job stress, negative feedback, life changes, or health issues. Another common reason that falls in line with discouragement is working out for the wrong reason. Those that have intense training programs may be doing so to boost their self-esteem or seek approval from others. When the level of approval is not met, the discouragement then becomes anxiety and body dissatisfaction, despite having a well fit body. In short, the reason to be fit should be well-defined with attainable goals.

Here are some tips to re-align: